Crop Benefits

  • Substantially increases the overall yield, ranging from 30-100% depending upon the kind of crop.
  • Enhances the overall quality of crop in terms of size, color, taste and uniformity.
  • Boosts up the rate and speed of growth & productivity.
  • Eliminates nutritional deficiencies and gives strength to damaged and weak crops .
  • Allows the crop to endure harsh weather conditions.
  • Builds pest resistance and disease resistance in plants.
  • Allows the plant to mature fast, resulting to quicker production.

Farm Benefits

  • Makes the soil acidity neutral and stabilizes the PH level of soil.
  • Successfully creates an ecosystem in the soil in a swift and efficient manner.
  • Gives soil bacteria vital nutrients for growth.
  • Makes the water retention &tilth of soil better.
  • Promotes bio-remediation & bio-augmentation, which helps in eliminating soil toxicity due to c chemical fertilizers used before.
  • Promotes growth of micro fauna & micro flora in soil.

Economic Benefits

  • Quite cheap and affordable, reducing the overall cost spent on fertilizers by 50%.
  • Simple to use, easy to store, non-toxic, effortless handling and transportation.
  • Not harmful to humans, animals, plants and environment.
  • Ensures quality and food safety due to its non-toxic nature.
  • Bio Jurassic is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) product that has no added hormones.

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