We are known for our innovation in producing, supplying and marketing a natural and holistic liquid plant food, which can be used for any type of crop.

BioJurassic is created using a proprietary Biotechnology formulation, which consists of numerous natural activated enzymes, natural botanical extracts, natural original microbes, natural amino acids that are required to balance the soil’s ecosystem and revitalize the plants, thus ensuring that they are able to have a better, healthier and faster growth, leading to better yield. The agricultural sector receives an additional bonus because of below mentioned factors:

  1. The cost involved in purchasing expensive fertilizers is reduced
  2. There is a significant rise in the yield of harvest. BioJurassic works in perfect sync with Mother Nature and does not include any dangerous chemical fertilizers. Thus, using BioJurassic you can easily do away with costly fertilizers.

 In other words, the plant receives complete nourishment without having to use costly fertilizers.

BioJurassic does not contain any harmful chemicals and thus it is quite natural and organic nourishment for the plants. This liquid plant food can be easily absorbed by the plants. It is a proprietary Biotechnology formulation which consists of numerous natural activated enzymes, natural botanical extracts, natural indigenous microbes, natural amino acids, mineral nutrients and organic matter, which are beneficial for restoring the land and revitalizing the crops, thus leading to a better yield which is almost three times more than the usual. The quality of the crops too is far better and the yield is quite healthy.

BioJurassic is helpful in every phase of plant growth right from the germination of the seed, the growth of the vegetation, the budding stage, the flowering to the fruiting stage, and also extending the shelf life of the produce post harvest. It boosts the internal functions which are needed to ensure that the plants are healthy and strong. It is also used to nurse sick plants and transform them into completely healthy and vital plants. Besides, its anti-fungal and anti-pedant ingredients are used to protect the crops from fungus and pests.

BioJurassic helps to transfer the essential nutrients straight into the plants though the leaf tissues & branches. This ensures that photosynthesis takes place faster and more nutrients are absorbed by the root systems, thus making them stronger. BioJurassic consists of numerous microbes which assist in carrying the bio-available nutrients straight into the plants where they can be used more easily and effectively. These microbes are not diluted as they do not need to get dissolved in order to reach the soil solution. Dissolved microbes are not sufficient for the root system and often they simply tend to run off.

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