The Foliar Nutrients which are part of BioJurassic rapidly rectify any imbalance in the nutrient levels and it is quite easy to apply it on any type of plant. It is available in most places and the plants can use them immediately unlike soil nutrients which take time to get absorbed.

If you spray BioJurassic on the ground soil then the chemical balance will be maintained and the soil will be completely eco-balanced. The Jurassic Microbes are able to get this done by actively participating in every major element transformation of the soil. The complex organic nutrients are then converted into simpler inorganic compounds that are bio-available for the plants to utilize these nutrients.

These Jurassic microbes are also soaks in the simple minerals and stop them from getting leached out and so the vital nutrients in the soil are protected. After their death, these also convert into organic matter. The microbes once more mineralize these vital nutrients and make them available for the plants. This entire process of turning over the root tissues & microbial cells which release organically bound nutrients which are bio-available ensures that the soil eco-system is not lacking and apt for giving out the best fertilization.

  1. You need to first shake the content properly before opening the lid slowly to release the gasses.
  2. Now store the tap water which contains chlorine for 2 days before you start diluting it.
  3. You should add water depending on the correction dilution rate
  4. Now add a coat of foliar spray on the leaves, the branches, the trunk as well as the ground soil until it is completely wet.
  5. It is ideal to do this when the sun is shining and the time to do so should be ideally from 6 am to 9 am or from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  6. You can use the entire contents after you have diluted it with water
  7. You should store it in a place which is cool as well as dry.

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